Monday, February 23, 2009

art school

I'm feeling guilty right now because while the economy is in the dirt, here I am, in sunny northern california, working only part time, in graduate school.

I left the banking world without looking back just before it all came tumbling down in pursuit of something that I'm realizing now is much harder than sitting in a cubicle all day and crunching numbers- Pure raw original creativity.

I haven't slept much since I started at Mills last fall. I'm writing pieces of fiction non stop, then having them work shopped in classes and re-writing them so that the holes in the story are filled, the body of work improved. I'm rubbing shoulders with other talented writers and artists, both published and up and coming. I'm developing screenplays, stage plays, taking photography courses, music courses, attending galleries, readings, concerts of all types, and working round the clock.

I have a newfound appreciation for those who lift creative interests above the realm of "hobby" and into that of "work". Its no joke. Its a hustle, like it is everywhere, and most rewarding in this labor of love, is that it has lasting value. (Just think of the last good movie you saw, or book you read, or picture that moved you).

Pray for me,

"The Novel I'll Never Write", coming soon.

i hope.