Thursday, May 17, 2007


so important to stay in tune

vinyl episodes pt2

quantic just got an ipod commercial---->

get a second look at the coolest kicks i've seen in a while..."cracks"

mother and son

they grow up grow so fast...

Friday, May 11, 2007


i've come to understand that for a lot of people, this blog may be a bit of an escape from that office life i stubbornly chose to dodge.

i will say.....last year and the years before, i remember that nearly every co-worker of mine, regardless of the floor they were on, or size of their cubicle, had something...something they could use to get them through the rough times. for some, it was a picture or postcard of a sunny beach on the Virgin Islands (or someplace exotic like that)....

For others, it was pictures of their families. Particularly for those with newborns, I imagine it must be nice to know what you're working for, and what you're coming home to every night. more than enough to get you through the day...assuming you love your kids.

For of their families and what they were coming home to every night probably stressed them out even more....!?. For them, society created hobbies, sports and alcohol.

Whatever it is, we all have something, and for me, it was websites, particularly those of other travelers, and thoughts of how I would do it if I ever had the chance to visit places like Dubai, India, Figi, Madagascar, wherever. I love reading about new places, seeing pictures and watching videos. Not so long ago, this was something we could only do in libraries. That, or TV.

the internet is a lovely thing, and i say we take full advantage of it. with that being said, I actually have broadband access for the moment. So I'm going to try and spice this place up.

If this is your escape....I'm trying to make the ride a bit smoother. 2 minutes of your coffee break is all i'm asking. First order of business,...............videos.

and I've enable comments, so please leave a note!!!.......and some money on the nightstand :)

-ed ntiri

drummers from the atlantic coast

that rave party in Medellin i tried to explain in words but only a video could capture...

Alex, martial arts ...

every night...salsa.

my boy double A on the freestyle


Thursday, May 10, 2007

quick memory-2 months back

had a dream last night about when i got lost in the jungle. never wanna do that again.

decided to post the memory.

Ciudad Perdida (the lost city)
-if/when you ever decide to travel to colombia, a must do hike. (...just dont get lost).

this man taught me how to make a fire, and how to cook an healthy and savory meal for 3 or 4 people in just 1 pot.

she sold probably one of the best gatorades ive ever had in my life.

the last portion of the hike involved crossing this river about 6 times. some took off their shoes so their so socks wouldnt get wet. some had sandals. some (like me) were too lazy to untie laces so just walked through it. at one point, and my boy Jess were just walking down the center of the river. water up to our waists, the current strong, trying to find our way back on the path.

and like so many other analogies for life, after hiking for 3 days...tired, anxious, dirty, you reach the top. see the remains of a once thriving city...and everything immediately makes sense. the waterfalls and unbelievable view don't hurt either.

its obvious why the king of every jungle usually has a spot way up at the top of the mountain. like the eagles who have nests in the higest branches on the tallest trees. a place where nobody else can easily get to. a place where you can have peace, enjoy the view..and most importantly, see everything below you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

better fotos

colombia playground.

my boy Xamir.

barrio corduba